January 2022 Meeting

Wednesday, Janurary 2, 2022 at 7:00 pm, at The Holy Trinity Catholic Parish, (formerly known as St. Theresa, The Little Flower Church), 15 Still River Road, Harvard, MA. You may also join us via Zoom.

Designer, Knitter and Author Robin Hansen will be joining us for all things Mittens. We will learn about Maine Fisherman Mittens including the proper way to felt the mittens down to size. Robin will take us on a journey of mittens from Maine and other parts of the world. She is an amazing speaker!

Don’t miss this opportunity to see Robin!



February Meeting (reprise)

LOOK at all the clever needle-felted objects that we created. After a short overview of needle felting, Lynn demonstrated how to make a felt heart. With a bit of practice (and a little blood-letting…) many nearly-heart-shaped objects began to appear. Some found the basket rather uninspiring, and opted to go free form:

Everybody did seem to have a good time, and the injuries were minor, and few.

Thanks to Lynn for leading the class and John for helping out.

December Meeting

Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 4, 2019, at 7:00 pm, at St. Theresa, the Little Flower Church, 15 Still River Road, Harvard, MA. For the new members, we meet in the basement.

Our own Linda Fisher is going to teach us how to steek. For those of you who where not at the November meeting, and might not be familiar with steeking, it’s a method of cutting garments or items that are knitted in the round in order to make an opening. At that last meeting, Linda passed out a homework pattern that she wrote for a steeked mug cozy. Please knit this for the December meeting if you want to learn how to steek. Attached below is a PDF of the pattern for anyone who did in not get a copy or needs another one. 

Prior to the start of the meeting, at 6:15 pm, we will be holding our annual Holiday Yankee Gift Swap. Participation in this event is optional. If you would like to join in on the fun, please bring a wrapped knitting themed gift valued at up to $20. 

As always, we look forward to seeing your completed items or interesting work in progress for “show and tell”. 

Membership is $25 a year. Guests are welcome to attend the program for a $10 charge.

Linda’s PDF.

Market Bag

Here’s a link to the Market Bag I brought for show and tell on October 2.

Works great with 16″ cable and 9m (US13) needles, using any cotton yarn like Peaches’n’Cream. Work very loosely- cotton doesn’t stretch at all…


Fun For All at the Trunk Show

A bumper crop of knitters showed up at the Fiber Loft tonight for the Imperial Yarns trunk show. One head count listed 35 of us, including a number of new members! Many thanks to Tracy Russell, an independent yarn sales rep, who brought a bunch of samples and gave us an interesting explanation of Imperial Yarn’s unique carbon neutral yarn “growing” process.

Fun time with Janet Hampson

[May 3, 2017] Janet Hampson, former owner of the WoolPack shop in Acton, stopped by to convince us that swatching actually IS a good practice.

Janet Hampson

Janet Hampson getting her point across!

From the swatches we knit before getting into a project, we can determine whether we like the fabric produced enough to make a sweater. We can adjust the swatches to meet our goals, and adjust the pattern based on the swatch to get a garment that fits and feels nice!

Comments now disallowed

This web page has been up for almost a year now, and it’s amazing to me that the spammers can so easily find us. Nearly every day I get a notification of another comment. I won’t bore you, but the “nice ones” suggest that we could generate much more traffic for our site if we simply sent them money for consultations. The “not nice ones” are less subtle in their content. And very few members seem to post “real” comments.

Given the preponderance of “spam” comments compared to the “real” comments from our members, I am inclined, and have unilaterally decided, to eliminate the ability to post comments on our site.

If you have a comment on one of the pages, or have something to say, please let one of the moderators (Alison, Lynn, or John) know, and they can add a comment or a post for you. Alison and John are Administrators, and as such can add you as an Author so you can pen your own articles for the blog, if you’d like.