How to Join

Like to knit/crochet or just want to learn more about it…

Looking for people to knit with?

Interested in learning new things?

Have a project and need help?

We are your group! We meet the first Wednesday of each month from 6:30 PM ET – 8:30 PM ET. We have speakers, workshops or one of our talented members will present or teach us something new. We usually have a fantastic dyeing workshop in May and a great Yankee Swap in December. During the other months our members suggest the things they want to learn, authors or designers they want to meet or the have present. The more members we have the better speakers we can get. We plan to have a field trip this year. Hope you will join the fun!

The dues is $35 per year. Visitors are always welcome but we do have some meetings wwhere we do ask visitors pay a guest fee of $10. The guest fees can be applied to your annual membership if you choose to join prior to the next meeting.

There are two ways to join. Come to a meeting and introduce yourself then pay at the end of the meeting or you may pay your dues via Venmo. Just make sure you send an email with your contact information.

For more information please contact:

A murder of turkeys from a felting workshop!
Guild meeting at the Fiber Loft!